12-Piece Artist Paint Brushes and Pallet Set

12-piece artist paint brushes andamp; pallet set

great value pack of artist paint brushes in a pack of 12 pieces in different sizes and a natural wood pallet.
the bristles are soft and strong, with nickel metal ferrules and natural wooden handles.
this acrylic paint brush set comes in a wide variety of shapes: fan, pointed round, angular, filbert, flat and liner/rigger, which will meet most of your creative painting needs, from thick strokes to fine detailing.
convenient and easy to clean: clean your paint brushes immediately with warm soapy water after using them, avoid scrubbing while cleaning. never leave your paint brushes resting on their heads in water, solvent, or when drying. this acrylic paint brush set is perfect for artists, amateurs, beginners, professionals, students, teens, kids, children and painters of all levels.
colour your world.

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Colours: brown
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