Pointline would like to wish you safety and security during the lockdown.
Pointline has been classified as a critical service provider. We are able to assist you and your customers with critical products in support of health and safety such as hand sanitizer, masks, buffs, thermometers etc.
Our sales team will be working remotely from home and we have a skeleton team ready for distribution of product. You are welcome to request quotes for our regular orders to be implemented once we re-open.


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“For a little while, this will be our new normal, and that’s ok, because we are in it together” - Justin Trudeau

About Pointline

Consistent good marketing and communications must be supported by a positive customer experience.

At Pointline, we believe in the value of creating an image for your company in the mind of the potential customer, then following this through with a memorable experience whenever that customer comes into contact with your organization and its products and services.

Constantly striving on improving our service and skills, the team at Pointline thrive on the challenge and buzz that infiltrates our office. Our designers have experience in every aspect of the promotional and marketing needs of your company.

Create Your Image



Our innovative and professional graphic design team creates the designs that clearly give us the leading edge in the market place. The studio will assist in all corporate identity...



Pointline is a manufacturer of high quality garments aimed at the quality conscious market. Our factory is fully equipped to manufacture a range of apparel specifically designed and personalized to meet our clients’ needs...



Pointline offers a large range of branded corporate gifts with a variety of branding options, depending on the kind of gift, the size and material of the product. Below are some of our favourite and most popular branded corporate gifts...



Our passion is clearly visible through the various vehicle design work and signage contracts that Pointline has proudly supplied our client base over the past 12 years. Pointline signage division manufactures various light boxes...

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